Drift F1


About Drift F1

The playing rules

Drift F1 is a drifting car game inspired by F1's tracks. Press the button to control your car, drift around tricky corners, and be the leaderboard's top.

Welcome to F1 car races where you can show off your driving skills. Jump into your car and drive it as fast as possible to reach the finish line. Note that your score is proportional to the time you spend getting to the finish line. Therefore, you should try your best to cross the finish line in the shortest time to gain the highest score. Be careful since the racetrack is fairly bumpy. Additionally, there are many tricky corners on the racetrack. To overcome them, you need to click or release the left mouse button in time to drift. Attempt to perform perfect drifts to avoid falling off the track.

Besides crossing the finish line, your objective in this game is also to collect as many coins as possible. They are scattered on the track. Try to pick them up if you can.

How to control

On Desktop

Press or release the left mouse or space bar to turn left or right

On Mobile

Touch or release the screen to turn left or right.

Things you should know before playing Drift 1

All racetracks

This game features 35 race tracks corresponding to 35 challenging levels. The higher the level, the more corners the track has. you must complete them in order (from the most simple track to the most complex track). Moreover, the distance between the starting and finish points also increases. If you want to conquer all tracks and complete all levels in this game, you need to master drifting and driving skills. Try your best and good luck!

Effective strategies to conquer all tracks

In addition to mastering all skills, you need some useful tips if you want to conquer all tracks in the game. Here are some tactics I suggest. Hope that they will assist you a lot when you play the game.

Various cars

In this game, you are offered eight cars with cool designs. They are a sedan, two pickups, a police car, a fire truck, an ice cream truck, an ambulance, and an SUV. At the start of the game, only a sedan is available. Other ones are locked and sold at different prices. For example, a police car costs 300 coins while a blue SUV has a price of 350 coins. If you want to get an ice cream ire truck, you need to pay 400 coins. The price of a fire truck is 500 coins while the ambulance is only 450 coins. All cars look cool and impressive. Accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to purchase your favorite cars.

The leaderboard

This drifting game has worldwide leaderboards. They present the ranks, names, and scores of top players from all over the world. They are updated daily, weekly, and monthly. After completing a level, you can enter your name and then click the Submit button to save your score. Then, your score will be shown on the leaderboards. Do your best to gain the highest possible score to get a high rank on the leaderboards.