About Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is a simple but extremely attractive clicker game; collect as many candies as possible, unlock upgrades and increase candy harvesting speed.

Kingdom of sweets from clicking

The game belongs to the clicker genre, a game with simple mechanics but you will be very surprised during the gameplay. Click on the screen, one click will create a candy, the more you click, the more candy you will create.

The more you click, the more surprises you will receive, maybe extra candy rewards, or unlocking new skins. In addition, to make your clicking work easier, use tools that support automatic clicking without you having to spend too much time and effort. Each tool has its own click conversion, unlock all the tools and arrange them so you generate the most clicks possible.

Similar clicker games

If you love clicker games like this game, Flappy Bird is the most suitable choice. Each click is a movement, the faster you click, the faster you fly, the slower you click, the slower you fly. Navigating the bird's flight to help it pass through water pipes seems simple but difficult.