About Hexanaut.io

Welcome to Hexanaut.io which is a competitive multiplayer arcade game. Capture as many hexagons as possible to become an impostor king in the arena.

The playing rules of this game are identical to iScribble.IO. In this game, you need to guide an impostor to go around the arena and capture as many hexagons as possible to expand your territory. In addition to hexagons, you also need to capture defense towers. They will help you to conquer hexagons automatically. Be careful with other impostors in the arena. They can capture your territory or cut your tail to eliminate you from the arena. Therefore, you should stay away from them at all times to avoid being killed. Attempt to protect your territory at all costs. If you have the largest territory in the arena, you will become the king and get the first rank on the leaderboard.

Join this game now and have fun. If you enjoy this game, what about checking out Drift F1 and Wormax.io on our website?

How to control

Use the mouse to control an impostor.