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Electron Dash

About Electron Dash

Discover the galaxy with an astronaut in Electron Dash. Watch out for dangers along the way and run as far as possible to get the highest score.

Play this game now to become an astronaut and explore the galaxy. Enter your name and start the adventure now. attempt to run as far as possible in the endless space tunnel. You should take caution with crumbling tiles in the tunnel. They will start to break as soon as you step on them. Therefore, you had better jump as high as possible to evade them. Besides, laser beams are also hazards in the tunnel. Move left or right to evade them. In addition to running, you also need to collect as many hearts as possible along the way. These hearts will help you respawn right after you die.

Come on! Click the Start button to join the wonderful adventure in this game now. If you want to join more adventures, take a look at Geometry Dash Bloodbath, Death Run 3D, and Drift F1 on our website.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.