About Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

Compete with other players to hunt for food in Fish Eat Fish 3 Players. Consume as many smaller fish as possible to become the biggest fish in the ocean.

This game allows 3 players to play it, so invite your friends to have fun together now. You and your friends will start with little fish. Your mission is to control your little fish to swim around and eat smaller fish. Attempt to eat as many fish as possible to become stronger than your opponents. Note that your score will be proportional to your size. Do your best to become the biggest fish in the ocean to get the highest possible score.

Come on! Play this game now and explore the beautiful ocean with various marine animals. If you are fond of this game, let's try playing Hexanaut.io, Wormax.io, and Drift F1 on our website.

How to control


Press WASD keys to move.


Press ARROW KEYS to move.


Use the mouse to move.