About FunRace.io

Attend thrilling car races with other players in FunRace.io. Drive your car as fast as possible to be the first racer to complete three laps soon.

Are you ready for exciting car races with other racers from all over the world? Enter your name and start the race now. In the race, you need to race with the other 7 players who have professional driving skills. Your objective is to complete three laps first to win. Go over arrow symbols on the road to accelerate the speed and overtake your rivals. Take caution with the oil on the track as it will slow you down. You must evade it at all costs.

Come on! It is a good chance for you to show off your driving skills. Join the game and share it with your friends. If you enjoy this game, let's try playing Drift F1, Drift 3, Friday Night Funkin, and Run Run Duck which are also awesome games.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to steer left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key to go forward.

Press a Down Arrow Key to stop.