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Getting Over It

About Getting Over It

Getting Over It makes you crazy because it is not only a game, but also a psychological test, requiring patience and perseverance from the player.

The world's most difficult mountain climbing challenge

This is a simple but extremely difficult climbing game. Your task is to use a hook to move and climb to the top of the mountain. It sounds simple but believe me, this will be a long road full of challenges and failures.

The character incarnates as a yellow cat sitting in a jar and holding a hammer to move. You need to use a hammer to hook objects to climb up, but don't be too subjective. You can slip at any time and all your efforts will go up in smoke.

Every time you stumble and fall into the abyss, you will have to start all over again. It seems like it only takes a few moves to reach the top, but in reality it is extremely difficult. Obstacles, rough terrain and the difficulty of controlling the hook will make you feel extremely low in mood.

Patience is the solution to this game

There are not too many techniques to do in this game. Simply be careful and meticulous in your steps. And patience is the key to success for this game no matter how far the challenge has been completed or how close it is to the finish line. You always have to maintain a calm mind but it is very difficult because many people have had to admit that it is really difficult to stay calm when making a mistake over and over again. Are you confident in your ability to be patient? If not, I think you can refer to Geometry Dash Lite, a game with lower difficulty.