About Merge Fruits

Merge Fruits combines fruits to create new varieties. This is not just an ordinary fruit matching game, but also a journey to discover the richness of nature.

Explore the colorful world of fruits

Immerse yourself in a colorful world with a variety of fruits from familiar to rare. Each type of fruit has a unique characteristic and when you combine them, you will create unexpected new fruits.

Merging two similar fruits will create another fruit of a different type, larger size, and greater value. Starting from the smallest fruit to the largest fruit - Watermelon. Creating a lot of large fruits can cause the fruit storage area to shrink, so you need to play strategically to score the most points possible.

In addition, the suction properties of similar fruits will surprise you. Sometimes you can't predict the next move of the game or can't adjust to your plan so enjoy the game to the fullest.

Limits of the game

The end of the game will be up to you to decide, you can end the game at any time when the fruit overflows from the box. If you want to earn a lot of points, try to arrange it so that it can contain the maximum number of fruits, while ensuring a high score in the highest achievement list. Let us see how well you merge in this game.