About Pacman

Explore complex labyrinths with an alien superhero in Pacman. Control the character to go around the mazes and consume all dots without hitting monsters.

This game offers you an opportunity to discover mysterious mazes with a yellow alien superhero. These mazes hide a lot of power dots. Go around the mazes and collect all power dots to win. A small dot is worth 10 points while a big dot is worth 50 points. Sometimes, some kinds of fruits such as cherry or strawberry will appear. Eat them to gain 100 points. Be careful with the monsters in the mazes. If you crash into them, the game is over. However, when they become the ghosts, you can attack them to gain 200 points. Attempt to conquer as many mazes as possible and gain the highest possible score. After discovering the mazes, you play Drift F1, Flappy Bird, and Wormax.io for more fun.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the character.