About Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D controls your car through crowded roads. Reach your destination within the allotted time, and you will earn coins for each successful race.

Overcome traffic jam barriers

Like many other racing games like F, players will control their car on the highway and go as far as possible. Both to experience the street scenery and show off your driving abilities. However, the special thing about this game is the traffic jam on the highway. Many other public means appear and you have to avoid them to get extra points or time. There is a limited time limit, so leaving more time, speeding up and overtaking someone else's car is the best plan.

Control your car skillfully, avoid collisions and move to your destination safely. However, this is not simple as the game poses increasingly more difficult challenges at higher levels.

In addition to having to handle traffic jams, players also have to pay attention to many factors such as speed, direction of travel and distance between vehicles. Each time they lose, players will be provided with detailed information about the errors they made, helping them improve their driving skills in the next play.

Upgrade your car

Before starting the game, you can repair and upgrade your car to both create something new and help your car move smoother. Change your car's color, model, or vehicle upgrades if you want. And use the points earned from other races to trade them in.