About EvoWars.io

EvoWars.io invites you to join thrilling survival fights. Kill as many rivals as possible and collect many power orbs to become the giant fighter.

Enter your name and click the Play button to start an exciting survival fight against other players from all over the world. At the start of the fight, you had better gather as many power orbs as possible to increase your size and power. When you are strong, you can start to attack other fighters in the arena. Killing enemies will boost your growing progress. However, you also need to watch out for bigger fighters who get close to you. Run as fast as possible to escape from them. Note that running fast will consume a lot of power, which will make you smaller. Therefore, just increase the speed when necessary.

Don't wait anymore! Play this game now and try to become the most powerful fighter in the fights. If you like this game, don't ignore other excellent games such as Vampire Survivors, FunRace.io, Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship, and Drift F1 on our website.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the character to move.

Click the left mouse button to attack other players.

Hold the right mouse button to increase the speed.